Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Pictories #3 ~ Of pictures and their stories : Blog # 287

Pictories #3 ~ Of pictures and their stories

Photographs are the poetry of masses, don’t you think? I love photography and the magic around it. It gifts us the ability to craft a story in a 4*6 space. In this time of timelessness, photos are the easiest way of archiving our memories. This Picstory, my attempt to weave a story with pictures is special for this one is about my sister’s weddingJ.

Wedding Card, Invitation Card, kerala Wedding, Wedding, Indian Wedding

This was the wedding card. Upon seeing this is when I got the idea to do a photo trail of the wedding. Red is so the color of a wedding, isn’t it? – Bright, Vibrant and spirited. Like all things in wedding, there was a lot of back and forth on finalizing this card. I so loved the idea of the couple and the elephant on the cover. For someone from Kerala, it can’t get more festive than this!

Jasmine, Flowers, Wedding, Kerala wedding, South Indian Wedding

No South Indian wedding can be complete without Jasmine. Often we forget that fragrances form an integral part of our memory. A fond scent can evoke those memories which we think we have forgotten. The heavenly smell that emanates from these lovely flowers is always identified with weddings in my part of the world.

Gold, Bangles, Golden Bangles,

That is the bride trying on her jewels. These days, there is a constant debate between the bride and the relatives on how much jewelry need to be worn. The bride wants to wear less of them and the relatives can’t seem to think any number of ornaments is a bit much.

Saree, Wedding, Indian Wedding, Kerala wedding

Any Indian wedding is a retailer’s dream. The amount of clothes purchased is beyond belief. Clothes are gifted to relatives, extended family and to dear ones in social circles. It is fun to see people trying on clothes and admiring others and themselves. It adds to the festivity and makes the wedding a riot of colors.

These garlands form a pivotal part of the wedding ceremony. It is when the bride and groom exchange these garlands that they are joined in matrimony. I envy the craftsmen who weave them. What a wonderful job they do, to be able to contribute towards joining two minds forever, isn’t it?

My sister is the kind who hardly wear any ornaments. To see her try on those anklets was a moment in itselfJ. Enhancing the beauty of the moment was the intricate Mehendi patterns on her leg and hands. How artists make this world more lovable, isn’t it?

There is something about a house about to host a wedding. It is not merely the decoration that adorns it. It is also about the festivity around the house. There is constant chatter, chaos and celebration. It is almost as if the house is having a runner’s rush!

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