Saturday, 11 August 2012

A matter of Hope & Faith: Blog # 46

A matter of Hope & Faith

                       Hope! , One of the finest gifts to mankind. Imagine a life with nothing to look forward to. In times when life looks grey, we all think of a better tomorrow and that drives us. The absence of hope will make our life bland and exasperating. A feel good movie is banking on this concept, so is a political campaign.

              What has all the gargantuan scams done to us apart from the economic loss to the exchequer? Name any well known industrialist, bureaucrat, politician; he/she is tainted. The highest damage is the gaping hole it has left in our faith.

              Hope has its root in faith. If your life has not given you enough instances to believe in the concept of faith, chances are you might never really understand what hope is all about. This might explain why some of us are pessimistic about life and the rest prefer to look at the brighter side.

            For ages, the human race has feasted on hope. That’s how we keep the journey going. Absence of hope means a closure, a dead end. It leads to anxiety. Ever thought what a death sentence does to a convict? It does instil grief and takes that person down the abyss of fear.  But most of all, it kills hope. The scariest part will be the absence of the existence of future beyond a point in time.

            Hope is always extrinsic where as faith can be both. One has faith in oneself and faith in the society at large. Loss of faith in the society leads to the unrest that we see today around the world although loss of faith in oneself can be as much destructive, if not more.

 It is interesting to note that there is an element of uncertainty attached to hope. By nature, most of us prefer clarity, certainty. But hope looks at the positive side of ambiguity. This positivity translates in to energy which keeps us going and that helps us to endure. 

 In this day and age when uncertainty is the order of the day - be it in economy , governance  or life in general ; Let’s hope our faith endures the test of time.
Arun Babu

Friday, 3 August 2012

Friendship: Blog # 45


                      Friends are those people whom we first learn to trust, outside our family. They are those beings who teach us to love, fight and of course to have fun. 

                     There is no secret so private that you can't tell your friend. No celebration so insignificant that you won't call your friend.
       No grief so hurtful that you won’t share with your friend. No mistake so shameful that you won't ask for your friend's forgiveness.

        They are those who you know for sure, Will be there- to give a hand, to lend an ear, to share a tear and to spread a smile.
             Almost all of our happier memories will be strewn around friends. Doesn’t that say something?
              You know why it is so special? - Because it is the most liberated of all relationships. No other relationship gives as much space. There is no other human bond which is so evolved yet so under stated.

       There is no friend who is not special - be it the first, best or the rest. A toast to all my friends – People, Life wouldn’t have been half as much fun if it were not for you guys. Here is to friendship! Love you all, Happy Friendship day :)

                                                                                      Arun Babu