Thursday, 19 May 2016

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #4 : Blog # 272

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #4

Tomorrow, the 20th day of 5th month of 2016 is the release day of Dulquer Salman’s latest movie, Kammattti Paadam. What a great day to release a movie. The election fever has died down and news channels have analyzed and scrutinized elections to death. People are actually looking for a refreshing change. Right from the poster with DQ sporting a salt & pepper look to the trailer, there is nothing ‘usual ‘or ‘familiar’ about this film. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below. It looks like DQ will get to portray a character that spans from adolescence to old age which is quite a challenge for any actor.

After the stupendous success of OK Kanmani and sweeping the Tamil audience by their feet thereby, came along a master class of a film called ‘Charlie’. It is one of those films which an actor yearns and strives for. The movie had this bohemian aura about it and his character personified free spiritedness to such an extent that it left the audience reminiscing about olden days Malayalam classics. The film is filled with unexpected pleasantness across scenes strewn over its length. It is one of those creations which lifts one’s spirit and gifts one with the conviction to go down the less trodden path of happiness. His acting looked effortless yet the scenes showcased that there was a delightful amount of work which has gone in to make them beautiful. Tessa, played by much talented Parvathy matched the tempo of the movie at every single step with Charlie. I couldn’t get over the scene where he and Mary (played by the immensely talented, Kalpana) has this conversation over a boat in the middle of the sea. That scene and the accompanying pain it leaves you with is pure gold. The climax leaves us with a strange kind of mystique which we are not quite used to much in the Indian cinema.

Kali depicted the struggles of a young man trying to reign in the anger within him; the struggles and the troubles which his temper brought along. The first half of the movie was a light hearted take on the issue. But the second half had a nail biting – edge of the seat- thriller feel to it. The fact that the female lead was played by the much loved ‘Malar from Premam’ also helped.  I personally couldn’t wrap my head around the climax of the movie but the movie as a whole was a great watch.

If one were to measure his popularity with the yardstick of Social Media, almost on every single platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus, he is the most popular Malayalam Actor. Although he was felicitated with many awards including the ones by Asianet, Filmfare and Vijay the most prestigious of them was the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in Charlie; richly deserved I say. Here is wishing all the very best to him and his crew for Kammatti Paadam!