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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Solo, a Movie Review: Blog#317

'Solo', a movie review

*No Spoilers

I was waiting in anticipation to watch ‘Solo’. The posters, teasers, trailer and everything about the movie screamed style. It promised substance too. Solo is an anthology of 4 films – not something that we usually see on the Malayalam silver screen. Yes, 'Kerala café' and '5 Sundarikal' have done them before. But those movies had different lead actors and actresses in each story. Solo has Dulquer in all the lead roles.

What I loved about the movie is like I mentioned before, the aesthetics about it. The whole presentation is so stylish. Be it the introduction of 4 elements, the pace of storytelling and Dulquer’s different appearances, there is a lot of class in the way the movie is presented. The actor in Dulquer shines through all the 4 stories. One cannot see any similarities in the 4 characters that he has played. If I were to choose a favorite, loved the character of Shiva wherein there is hardly any dialogue. This means that he had to convey all he had to say through his expressions and he did it really well.

What I felt could have improved are the below factors:

1.      Better actresses: I really feel that the movie should have had better lead actresses. I understand the business behind it. One cannot get A-list heroines in an anthology of films. Having said that, may be a little more effort could have been expended in finding better lead actresses.

2.      All the stories were sad stories: Personally, I am not a fan of sad stories. Please don’t get me wrong. I like inspiring stories with a tinge of sadness about them. But, not stories that are just sad. All the 4 stories were sad. Given that it is an anthology; it could have had 4 ‘different’ stories – different in emotions at least. If sadness had to be there as per the director’s vision, at least 2 of the stories could have had an end that was uplifting.

3.      Stories had similarities in the plots: There were too many accidents and too may pregnancies. I could be wrong. But I was expecting an anthology to have 4 different stories in every sense of the word. If not vastly different from each other, at least no repetition in the narration. There were multiple accidents which were pivotal to the stories and the heroines were pregnant which was again pivotal to the stories. The plots could have been different.

4.      The issue with Rudra: I understand that the director has a vision and it is his/her prerogative to treat the movie as per the vision. For instance, in the first movie, there was a lot of shuffling which is fine although it requires some effort on the part of the audience to keep up. But in Rudra, there was a bit of incoherence. The scene with Suhasini and Dulquer. Personally, I did not get it. I also did not understand how what she said related to the context and the struggle Dulquer’s character was going through. Even the climax scene was addressed to the groom’s party. To me, it would have made sense if it were addressed to the leading lady.

Having said all the above, ‘Solo’ is a brave attempt. Appreciation and gratitude to Bejoy Nambiar & crew for that. We should have more such movies on the Indian silver screen. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

The problem with House of Cards: Blog # 302

The problem with House of Cards

Although a little late into the ‘seasons’, I have begun watching the series, House of Cards. I am in love with the story, the plot, the drama et al. Ofcourse, it goes without saying that the cast and their acting prowess is beyond excellence. Like millions around the globe, House of cards, the sitcom has left me too, sleep deprived and addicted.

House of Cards, Series, Sitcom, Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright
Now, what in my view is the problem with this brilliant series? My issue is with the protagonists and the lead characters. They are conniving, ungrateful, materialistic, lacking in morals and human decency. I tried looking at them as characters with shades of gray. NO! Most of them all dark - beyond doubt.

I was discussing this with a friend of mine today. She said that she is happy with the emergence of this new concept in entertainment wherein the lead characters are purely negative. I agree with her. It is a bold and different move. Easier, tried and tested approach is to portray likable characters. This is giving rise to a new way of projection of characters. The difference in approach is always a delight, more so when it is in the field of creativity.

But, what about the impact this kind of portrayal causes on the audience? Is it sending out a message that being ruthless, crude, mean and throwing away values to the wind is acceptable? Does it glorify the approach of achieving one’s goals with no regard at all to the means?

One can argue that a series should be taken as just that – a work of fiction leading to entertainment. One shouldn’t expect it to serve a greater cause. But isn’t that the purpose of art- to serve a greater cause? This series is immensely popular. There are a lot of youngsters watching it. They can buy into the approaches taken by the protagonists. They might as well start approaching their lives just the way the lead characters in this series do. Are you thinking that this is similar to the argument of blaming films for all the heinous acts that people do in real life? No. There is a difference. Whatever we have seen so far doesn’t usually inspire a thinking, educated, well-read person, to turn evil. It is largely, the gullible ones who fall prey to such blind imitations. The reason why the brighter minds did not have those inclinations is because the lead characters were never completely dark. There were gray ones for sure. But I haven’t seen glorification and justification of darkness like what we see in this series.

I am not naïve to hope for only characters with divine qualities in series and films. I understand that people aren’t black and white. All of us have elements of gray in us. But we all make a conscious effort to fight the darkness within. We try to avoid entering the dark zone, however grave the need for realizing our ambitions may be. Stories like House of Cards weaken such efforts and intentions. That is where my concern lies.

Arun Babu 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Why kattappa killed baahubali?: Blog # 293

Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?

This is one question that keeps haunting almost all the billion bright minds of India. Here is an attempt to understand what made Kattappa kill Baahubali? Some probable conspiracy theories ~
Ramya Krishnan, Baahubali, Bahubali, Tamil movies, Indian Cinema
Sivagami, the mother: Although Sivagami anointed Amarendra Baahubali to be the king, she was overcome by the love she has for her son, Bhallala deva. To make way for her son to be the King, she orders Kattappa to kill Baahubali. But once the murder takes place, she is overcome by grief, flees the kingdom to save the little kid, Mahendra Baahubali.

Baahubali, Bahubali, Tamil movies, Indian Cinema Bijjaladeva, the envious elder brother: Bijjaladeva realizes that history will continue to repeat if he lets Amarendra Bahubali live. Bijjaladeva’s children will have no claim to the history of Mahishmati. He tricks Kattappa in to believing that Bahubali's horoscope says that the King will bring ruin to Mahishmati. He reasons that it was Baahubali’s birth that caused the death of the queen of Mahishmati, mother of Bahubali. If one's birth could cause harm to one’s own mother, what ruin will he bring to the Kingdom!Kattappa’s unwavering duty towards kingdom of Mahishmati makes him take the extreme step.

Baahubali, Bahubali, Tamil movies, Indian Cinema, Kattappa
Kattappa, the lover: Kattappa and Sivagami were deeply in love. They realized how their vision and love for the kingdom of Mahishmati were so deep and similar. They understood that it was in the best interest of the Kingdom that both of them take over the reins. They convinced themselves that it was the universe that conspired to make them fall for each other. If Bahubali was alive, they will never have a future and thus, the Kingdom will never reach the glory it deserves. Once the king was dead, they could imprison Bijjaladev (Sivagami’s husband) and live happily ever after. 

Baahubali, Bahubali, Tamil movies, Indian Cinema, Rana DaggubatiBhallaladeva, the son: Bhallalladeva is in reality, Kattappa and Sivagami’s love child. Bhallaladeva and Kattappa hid their relationship inside the 4 walls of the palace. One day, he told Kattappa " Oh father! I have never asked anything of you. You even deny me the right to address you as my beloved father when a third pair of eyes are around us. I have just one wish, to be the king of Mahishmati. Wouldn't you make your son's desire come true?". In a Dhritarashtra - esque moment, Kattappa kill sBahubali for his son. 

Baahubali, Bahubali, Tamil movies, Indian Cinema, Prabhas 
Bahubali, the noble King: Bahubali understood that Bijjaladeva had infilterated the ranks and files of his army with traitors. They were planning a coup to overthrow the king. If that happened, there will be unrest in the kingdom and a large number of his much loved people will lose their lives. There was no point trying to fight Bijjaladeva. He thought of approaching his elder brother for peace only to realize he will be imprisoned for life. Too proud to live at another person’s mercy, Bahubali order his trusted aid Kattappa to take his life. 

p.s. These are the reasons I could think of as to why Kattappa did what he did. If your imaginations run wilder, do let me know in comments :) 

                                                                                                                             Arun Babu

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #5 : Blog # 292

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #5

Dulquer Salmaan, Malayalam cinema, Dulquer, Indian CinemaIt had been a while since I had seen a Malayalam movie. I was surfing book my show and happened to stumble up on ‘Jomonte Suvisheshangal’. It was such an endearing movie to say the least. I so loved veteran actor Mukesh’s performance. He has always been a natural. To talk about Dulquer’s performance, I felt he has reached that stage in his career where he is really comfortable in his skin. There is this scene when he is in a bus among a crowd of girls. It is so far from his usual self yet he looks so convincing in those scenes. This is an indication that he is very comfortable doing characters that aren’t urban-english speaking-well travelled- mould. When it comes to real life, this sense of comfort is something we all feel when we reach a certain age. We are no more striving to match up to someone else’s ideals. We know what our capabilities and weaknesses are. The hunger to do well is still there, but it is done by pushing the right aspects of one’s persona to make oneself better. Same goes with actors too, isn’t it? 

It is raining Ads for him, a sign of his soaring popularity. Be it electronics, real estate, textiles or automobiles, he has made his presence felt. He is the brand ambassador for Club FM too. But I still hold the grudge against him for not doing enough interviewsJ.

Comrade in America looks like a very endearing love story set in an interesting backdrop. I loved the way words are used in the songs! Such dearth of lyrics these days in songs and those were a refreshing change.

Oh did I mention that he featured on Discovery channel? Yea! Discovery and no less. How more international can one get? Maybe this has something to do with his increasing fan base across states in India and in the Middle East too, thanks to the Malayalee diaspora there.

         His measured responses to the social situations that the state and the country go through is a testimony to the refinement that his mind has undergone over time. He is prudent enough to not make it overt. At the same time, he ensures that his words convey where he stands on this issue. Very few seasoned public figures manage to get this right. Kudos to that. 

 ‘Vikramadityan’ is one of his most under rated movies, don’t you think? It is like Mohanlal’s movie, ‘Pingami’. No one ever talks about that movie when they talk about Mohanlal’s movies. It is a wonderful film with soulful songs (Remember the song, Vennilavo chandanamo?). There are times when one inadvertently tests the limits of a friendship. A seemingly innocuous joke might drift two people apart. But there is always a hope that a friendship reverts to what it was once and will continue to be. I feel this to be true in life and in the film, ‘Vikramadityan’ too. As much as it was a love story, it was about the portrayal of a beautiful friendship too.

Look at this beautifully minimalist of a trailer. How many micro expressions do you see in a span of about 5 seconds? Here is the magical revelation of an actor's brilliance!

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Is Koffee with Karan becoming the worst TV show ever? : Blog #280

Is Koffee with Karan becoming the worst TV show ever?

I am a self-confessed Bollywood buff. Not the kind that gets intrigued only by Gurudutt’s Pyaasa or Shyam Bengal’s Zubeida or Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth. I enjoy a Veer Zara and a Devdas and a Kal ho Na ho and a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and a Barfi and a Ye Jawani Hai Deewani too. I understand the business enough to know why movies like Chennai Express and an Ek tha tiger exist and how they work the box office.
Koffee with Karan, Star World, TV show, Talk show, Karan Johar

I understand the fact that Karan Johar is an astute film maker. He understands the world of cinema in a way few other directors of his time does. This does not mean he is the best director around. What I mean to say is his grasp of cinema is far superior to his contemporaries. I am one of those who enjoy his kind of cinema – light hearted, emotional stories with soul touching music and dance with good looking people and stunning locales. I used to look forward to Koffee with Karan the way we look forward to an episode of Crown these days or Game of Thrones in the recent past. May be this is why I found the Koffee with Karan episode featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Ranvir Singh completely pointless.

My grudge is not against the innuendos or the insider jokes or the gestures dripping with vulgarity. Those are what the ‘complete-freedom-of-expression’ brigade calls “comedy”. The bone I have to pick with is regarding the utter pointlessness of the whole interview. After watching it for an hour, there was nothing worthwhile at all. It had nothing to offer but a void.

To begin with, the overt familiarity between the interviewer and interviewees was too appalling to say the least. If the idea is to showcase Karan and friends having a banter, then put up a home video on YouTube. There is no need for a show on TV! There were no sensible questions. And the answers were equally senseless too. Most of the time, the three of them kept talking together making it difficult to know what they were talking about.

You might say that well, Koffee with Karan was never meant to be a sensible show. I beg to disagree. There were times when some tough questions were asked and some very brave answers were given. In one episode, Sanjay Dutt asks Sushmita Sen as to why she hadn’t given up smoking. The one with Juhi and Madhuri was very interesting to watch. It was intriguing to see them taking an effort to be appreciative of each other and yet not succeeding much. The one with Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt was honesty at its best. The ones with Abhishek Bachchan were quite witty and entertaining. So were the ones with Priyanka Chopra.

From those interviews filled with fun, entertainment and trivia to wither away to something of today’s format which can be described as hollow at best is truly saddening. What is worrying though is how most of today's popular shows are following suit. But then again, when we ourselves spend time in finding the best selfies and keeping track of the narcissistic reinforcements through 'likes', how can we complain!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #4 : Blog # 272

Blog on Dulquer Salman’s Filmography #4

Tomorrow, the 20th day of 5th month of 2016 is the release day of Dulquer Salman’s latest movie, Kammattti Paadam. What a great day to release a movie. The election fever has died down and news channels have analyzed and scrutinized elections to death. People are actually looking for a refreshing change. Right from the poster with DQ sporting a salt & pepper look to the trailer, there is nothing ‘usual ‘or ‘familiar’ about this film. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below. It looks like DQ will get to portray a character that spans from adolescence to old age which is quite a challenge for any actor.

After the stupendous success of OK Kanmani and sweeping the Tamil audience by their feet thereby, came along a master class of a film called ‘Charlie’. It is one of those films which an actor yearns and strives for. The movie had this bohemian aura about it and his character personified free spiritedness to such an extent that it left the audience reminiscing about olden days Malayalam classics. The film is filled with unexpected pleasantness across scenes strewn over its length. It is one of those creations which lifts one’s spirit and gifts one with the conviction to go down the less trodden path of happiness. His acting looked effortless yet the scenes showcased that there was a delightful amount of work which has gone in to make them beautiful. Tessa, played by much talented Parvathy matched the tempo of the movie at every single step with Charlie. I couldn’t get over the scene where he and Mary (played by the immensely talented, Kalpana) has this conversation over a boat in the middle of the sea. That scene and the accompanying pain it leaves you with is pure gold. The climax leaves us with a strange kind of mystique which we are not quite used to much in the Indian cinema.

Kali depicted the struggles of a young man trying to reign in the anger within him; the struggles and the troubles which his temper brought along. The first half of the movie was a light hearted take on the issue. But the second half had a nail biting – edge of the seat- thriller feel to it. The fact that the female lead was played by the much loved ‘Malar from Premam’ also helped.  I personally couldn’t wrap my head around the climax of the movie but the movie as a whole was a great watch.

If one were to measure his popularity with the yardstick of Social Media, almost on every single platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus, he is the most popular Malayalam Actor. Although he was felicitated with many awards including the ones by Asianet, Filmfare and Vijay the most prestigious of them was the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in Charlie; richly deserved I say. Here is wishing all the very best to him and his crew for Kammatti Paadam! 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

F.R.I.E.N.D.S : After Life # 3 : Blog # 220

F.R.I.E.N.D.S  : After Life # 3

*We, all diehard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics have been waiting forever for the best sitcom ever made on Television, to resume. Here is an attempt to look at what our favorite characters are up to these days.

Ross came to visit Monica and Chandler. He told them about how difficult it was for him to get the current generation to be serious about his class. “It is surprising given the fact that students used to fall over each other to get in to your class in the earlier days!” said Chandler. Monica invited her parents for a Skype chat. “Hey dad, how are you? Where is mom?” “I am good dear. Your mother is busy with something. How do you like your new place and house? How are the kids?” “They are keeping me on my toes dad. Ross is here too. He came to visit us” “Hey dad, How are you?”, said Ross. “Hey Ross! How are you dear?”, said Ross’ mother. “Mother, I thought you were busy!” said Monica. Oh yes, I was. But I heard Ross saying hi”.

“Ross, How is Ben?”, asked Chandler.  “Oh he is doing great. He is in that phase where I am giving him insights in to Paleontology. One never know, may be another doctor in the family”. “Oh, now Ben will have something to talk about when he is asked about a traumatic phase in his child hood! Hey, look who is here! Jack, Erica, say hi to Uncle Ross”. “Monica you said Jack has gone after me!”, said Ross. “Oh yea, when it comes to screaming like a girl, he is totally Uncle Ross Jr.”

Ross rang up Rachel. “Hey Rach, how are you?” “I am good Hon. But missing you all like crazy. Paris is great but there is no central park here!” “Don’t worry. You are visiting us in a couple of months rt?” “Rachel, Tu est tres Jolie” “Rach, who is that who said something in that pretentious language? “ Oh , that is my colleague Eugene. He was just saying I look beautiful J. “ Why can’t he say it in English? Such pretentious people, these French I tell you”. “Ross, that is their language. Anyway, got to go. I am at work. Give my love to Monica & Chandler”.

Phoebe was at home with Mike. “Mike, I was meditating today morning and a brilliant thought came to me. Why don’t we collaborate? You are a pianist. I am multi-talented. Why don’t we come together?” “Is that a good idea, Phoebs?” “Of course! See, I have an established fan base. I mean I hum smelly cat and people have tears in their eyes! We can capitalize on that!” “I am totally honored by the offer Phoebs. Believe me, I am. But, I am a bit worried. Your fans might not accept it. I mean, it might look like I am diluting your musical genius!” “Oh, I never thought of it that way! You are right Mike!”

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

F.R.I.E.N.D.S : After Life # 2 : Blog # 217

F.R.I.E.N.D.S  : After Life # 2

*We, all diehard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics have been waiting forever for the best sitcom ever made on Television, to resume. Here is an attempt to look at what our favorite characters are up to these days.

                Chandler was chatting with his colleague, Tony who also became a father recently. “Tony, how do you manage the sleep? I mean I can barely keep my eyes open. My kids keep me awake all night! They keep on getting up in the middle of night” Oh that’s easy Bing. When the kids start crying, you go to the kitchen to prepare the baby food and never come back. Or, you can go to get the diaper as well. “Hmmm...interesting! Did you ever think of writing a letter to your wife that you are leaving and will be back after 5 years? No? Who would do that, right?” Yea, only crazy people do that! “Or, those people who haven’t slept in months do that !!! I was thinking whatever happened to all the happy kids in the world! My kids are always cranky”. Bing, kids are happy only in movies and on television.

            Phoebe ran in to Ross on the way to her apartment. “Hey Ross! Come home. You haven’t met Dr.Gupta. You will like him”. Who is Dr. Gupta, Phoebs? “ He lives next door. He is an Indian scientist who seems like he is in touch with his spiritual self. We have long discussions over coffee about life, yoga and science”.  Science, Phoebs?? “Of course not your kind of science which is constrained by the boundaries of reasoning! We talk about the possibilities - the what ifs and could have beens- and the world beyond the periphery of science”

            Phoebe rings the door bell. “Ohm”, goes the door bell. “Phoebs, did you hear that? what on Earth was that noise”. Oh it is just the door bell Ross! Dr. Gupta, meet Ross, my friend. He is also a scientist like you. Palaeontology is his area of interest. “Namaste Ross, please have a seat. Do you believe in destiny, Ross? If you do, please extend your hand, the right palm please.  A son and a daughter from different mothers and yet no marital bliss. Academically brilliant, parents’ proud son but with limited social skills in comparison to your sister.”  That is a quick summary of Ross’ life of three  and a half decades, Dr. Gupta, said Phoebe. Stunned, Ross said “Dr. Gupta, how do you know so many things about me?”. “The answer for everything lies in the universe, Ross. All you need to do is seek. Now it is my time to meditate. Shall we meet at a later time?” Thank you Dr. Gupta for your time, Namaste, said Phoebe. “Wow, Phoebs! Who is this guy? Can I be like his disciple or something?” One step at a time, Ross. One step  :)

            Joey was at the studio. “ Hi Joey, I am Elinor” How are you doin, Elinor? “I am good, Joey. My grandmother had warned me of the rustic Italian charm that you exude. She was right. I am Estelle’s grand daughter. On her death bed, she said you and her go back a long way and if ever I needed a job, I should come to you.” Your grandmother was a terrific lady, Elinor. I am looking for an agent. If you are fine with it, you can join me now. “Wow! Joey tribbiani’s agent?? Ofcourse, I am ready”. Great, do you speak French? “Sadly, no!” Start taking French classes. Some of the French film makers are looking for actors. If you can speak their tongue, things will be easier. It is not a tough language. I have kind of got a hang of it. Bloo blaa blee! “Sorry? What did you say Joey?" In French, it means see ya later!

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Friday, 8 May 2015

FRIENDS : After Life # 1 : Blog # 216

FRIENDS : After Life # 1

*We, all diehard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatics have been waiting forever for the best sitcom ever made on Television, to resume. Here is an attempt to look at what our favorite characters are up to these days. 

         Monica woke up to a bright sunny morning. The twins were sleeping blissfully in the next room. Chandler looked like he is imitating an athlete while sleeping in the bed. Monica went to the living room and sat on the couch. The magazines on the table were not arranged as per their thickness! “Why can’t Chandler follow the manual!!! It has not been even a week since I took the orientation for him.”

            The twins started crying. Monica went in and saw Chandler standing near the twins with a puzzled expression. “What did you do!!!?” I did not do anything. I just wished them a very good morning. Monica started pacifying one of the kids. “Pick up the child Chandler! You are the father!”

            Chandler left for office. Rachel was going to have lunch and thought of calling Monica. She called Monica on skype. “Hey Mon, Comment allez-vous”. Wow! Someone is frenching up Rach. “Yes Mon, if you are referring to the men here, indeed I am frenching up;). Where are the kids?” I have just fed them and they are in the room. Chandler has left for office. “So playing the suburban housewife to hilt is it?” Yes Rach. But I am beginning to get bored of this. The chef in me is dying to wreak a kitchen. “How is Chandler? Has he got used to the house yet?” He likes the house. Just that he is a tad bit skeptical about the neighborhood. He says there is something spooky about the old lady living next door and the couple living opposite to us is acting weird! You know how he is! “Ok Mon. Going to have lunch with my boss. He should have been a priest! Even if I wear a cheer leader’s costume, he will tell me “Oh child, blessed be you!” Rach , I got to rush. Looks like Jack is up. “ How do you know Jack from Erica?” Jack has gone after his uncle Ross. He screams like a girl. When Erica screams, it is like a war cry!. Bye Bye Rach. “Bye Mon!”

            Phoebe and Joey were at the café. “Joe, how’s life?”. You tell me. How’s being Mrs. Mike coming along? “Who is Mrs. Mike?” Oh Me!!! I should start getting used to it. Marriage is fun Joe as long as you don’t see each other. Mike is enjoying his free spirited pianist days. I would have enjoyed it more if he were a fat-pay-cheque-earning-attorney-who wants to please his wife by showering her with expensive gifts and extensive holidays. “I thought you always wanted a simple life, Phoebs”. Yea, that and a castle is what I want out of Life J. How is your new soap coming along Joe? “ I am thinking I am on the verge of super stardom. My director says with this, I will become a huge star in at least 11 continents!”. But Joe, there are only 7 continents! “Really? You are sure, Facebook isn’t one?” Oh that way, yes! So who will you take along with you to your globetrotting trips? Monica or Rachel? “Hmm…I am thinking..Rachel?”. That was a trick question!!! You should take Me! Phoebe! Me, Joe, Me! “Okay, Okay, I will take you”

            Ross was taking a class on the emerging trends in creating awareness about Paleolithic age. As usual, half the class was asleep. “How many of you have dreamt of becoming Paleontologists? How many of you want to get in to the list of honorary curators in the MET?I would appreciate a show of hands. No hands? Hmmm? Yes, the gentleman in red shirt. Please tell me”. “When will the class get over? I have a movie to catch!” Ok then, yet another disillusioned millennial, aren’t you? This is professor Geller signing off.

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Arun Babu